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3010 RAM Slot Dead

So about a year ago I made a post asking for help as I had a 2-3 flash on my Dell Optiplex 3010 when I upgraded the RAM.

I found that 1 of my RAM slots had died and it didn't make sense to me. I bought a new i5-4590 and replacement board for cheap and all was good. Today I made a small CPU upgrade to a i7-4770 and now I have the same issue RAM Slot 1 when a RAM is in it gives me a 2-3 flash. Any idea how to fix??

As I don't want to have to buy yet another motherboard


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Have you tried reinstalling the old CPU to see if the RAM problem disappears? My point is that the only way that slot could go bad by a simple CPU upgrade is if the CPU has a bad memory controller, which would give that exact symptom. Now is it possibly a bad MB, sure but that would be quite a coincidence. The old adage is it is never the CPU until it is. I have seen bad memory controllers in CPUs before.

Does the i7 work with only 1 RAM module? Point being that the i7 may not be compatible with the MB.

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If you accidentally bent a cpu socket pin during cpu swap, that can render one or more DIMM slot not working.

You can carefully remove the newly swapped i7 and take a very close look at socket pin.  Even a tiny bit focal irregularity can suggest a socket pin is bent.

I have a board that has this issue due to bent socket pin (I got the board as is) , and I heard from some one with more experience than I had similar issue on his board.  one or two DIMM slots dead.

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