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Black Screen with cursor

OptiPlex 3020

I'm Running Windows 10.


I've been struggling for 2 weeks with a Windows update causing a black screen with a moving cursor. The Update is either KB5016616, which is a cumulative update for 21H2. Or it might be KB5016592, says it's an update preview for .Net Framework 3.5 and 4.8.

I have made sure that all Dell drivers are up to date and checked with Intel to see if there were any options there, but I couldn't find anything.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. 



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Try a clean Windows 10 install version 21h2 if you do not mind wiping hdd.  The most recent version has all the necessary updates embedded in an wholistic package which works better than update on a previously installed version.

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I would try an external monitor/TV; 2 screens are better than 1.


I would try SAFE MODE also.


Try this, it only works for some people, but you may be lucky …

Shutdown PC.

Disconnect the AC power and do a Hard Reset.
Hold Power Button down for 1 Minute.
Wait 1 minute and reconnect AC power.

IF you have the resources available, this may be useful....


Add a connection to your TV or a Second monitor via HDMI ???

With both OFF, turn on the (2nd) HDMI device,

NOW try powering ON.

If you are lucky then at least one screen will illuminate.

Work from there to resolve any issues.



Thanks for the suggestions. I tried the hard reset and tried using display port and VGA with no luck. Going to reinstall.


I'm going to do this, and hope it clears up the problem. Thanks.

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Black screen with cursor, otherwise known as a black screen of death error, is typically a result of a Windows system crash – it occurs during a critical error, and the OS is not capable of booting. As a result, all users see is a movable cursor, but nothing else is visible on the screen, apart from a black background.

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