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Dell Optiplex 3070 MFF i5-9500T Wifi losing connection

Hi friends, I'd like to discuss the following issue, which is badly identified. My new DELL Optiflex 370 has Wifi problems. It connects to the wifi network but writes "no internet available" (signal is about 85%). Occasionally, the signal disappears completely, clears the list of networks from range, and then starts again. Interestingly, this happens even when I use an external USB wifi connected to this computer. Other devices connected to the network in this place (computers, mobile phones) in this room work ok, without problems. Similar problems, more or less, occur even if I move the device to another location (home adress or work adress). The computer is updated, with updated drivers (cars, bios, everything is up to date). Analytics Dell tool does not detect any hardware problem.  Have you experiences ? Can this be solved by yourself or is it a complaint ? What I could do to solve it ?

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I see no one responded, I’m having the same issue. Did you ever figure it out?

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Restart your router, or reset it to default settings. You can also try restarting your PC. Update your Wi-Fi adapter drivers and Wi-Fi firmware drivers. Ensure you only download firmware drivers from the manufacturer's website to avoid malware or outdated products.

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My Dell OptiPlex 3070 has the same issue. I purchased it in open box with a discount like new on Nov-2020. The wifi connection works intermittently; it disconnects after a couple of minutes, then reconnects. I did not see any answers to the issue on this chat board. I decided to disable the wifi card and connect over ethernet directly, thus avoiding the disconnection issue.

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