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Dell Optiplex 9020 SFF PSU Upgrade

I did a budget gaming pc with a GTX 1650 and it was working fine for the last year until the performance tanked and games like Doom is near unplayable. I assume it's the GPU since I bought it used and i realized the fans weren't running properly and it reached 91 C constantly. I'm planning on getting a new replacement but im worried that the PSU might be in the way of it getting enough air flow and might have caused the GPU to take in the PSU's heat. Is there a PSU that's small enough to fit and not restrict the air flow? Or is this something that I shouldn't worry about?

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9020 sff psu is Dell proprietary thin form factor. You would not find a psu smaller than stock for 9020.  Air flow is an issue if gpu generates significant heat. Business class SFF case was not designed for gaming.  The heat of psu is exhausted out of case by psu internal fan blowing out of back.
Case has only a small front fan. psu does block some front to back air flow.  but how much gpu temperature difference does it make if psu is not blocking air, only an experiment could tell. 



you would be better off swapping case but that is a project of additional cost and labor only good for user with a hobby of modding and building.

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While a smaller PSU can't be had, one that does work in the 9020 SFF is the 315w PSU from the XE2 SFF and is better suited for 75w cards.

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