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Dell Pro wireless keyboard KB3121W types unwanted characters

In early October of this year, 2021, I received my Optiplex 7090 with a wireless keyboard from Dell though I had ordered a wired keyboard when I placed my order online through the Dell website in late June. Because of the urgency to replace my 9-year old Vostro laptop (that died that same week I received the Optiplex) I accepted the wireless keyboard. But now that I've been using it for almost 2 months I've experienced numerous frequent incidents where it types double letters. I've adjusted all the configurations possible to reduce the repeat rate but it continues occurring and has caused me problems and lost time correcting errors. The keyboard diagnostics tool detects no errors. It simply notes that all the keys work. At the moment it appears to be working fine as I type this. But then there are times when it repeats characters frequently. I keep hoping a software update will fix this, but I can find scant information on the internet that addresses my situation. My previous laptop keyboard had a similar problem with keyboard bounce that someone wrote a fix for and uploaded to the Dell Community. I tried the same fix with this keyboard but no such luck. The problem continues. I can't return the keyboard because I need it to work and I don't have a backup. I hope Dell or someone has a fix for this problem. Thank you in advance.

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