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Optiplex 7010 bios update failed to run in Start-process of Powershell

The following PowerShell script  for BIOS update works for most Dell models except 7010 and 9020.

## Dell Bios update script

$CN ="pc-1"

# the bios .exe file has been copied to remote computer pc-1 in  folder path   c:\localapps\Dell-Bios\O7010A29.exe 

Invoke-command  -ComputerName $CN   { Start-Process  c:\localapps\Dell-Bios\O7010A29.exe   -ArgumentList "/ nopause  /s /f /p=xxxx /bls " -wait}  

Note: If I replace the exe file with "Optiplex_5090_1.10.0.exe  (model 5090), then the script ran perfectly.

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Press Ctrl key + Esc key until the BIOS Recovery screen appears. Release the Ctrl key + Esc key. In the BIOS Recovery screen, choose Reset NVRAM and press Enter. Choose Disabled and press Enter to save current BIOS settings.

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