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Optiplex chassis types and names

The Optiplex sell with six different chassis types. Knowing which one you have and posting it in your Forum thread title can assist our users in troubleshooting. I will list them below =

MT (Mini Tower)
DT (Desktop)
MFF (Micro Form Factor)
SFF (Small Form Factor)
USFF (Ultra Small Form Factor)
AIO (All-in-One)

As an example, a user asked what SATA port speed were on the 9010 SFF.

Forum title = 9010 SFF, SATA II or SATA III?

By the way, the answer for the 9010 SFF is =
Blue SATA 0 port (SATA III)
Black SATA 1 port (SATA III)
White SATA 2 port (SATA II)


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