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Optiplex micro as a low cost 6 bay NAS

I'm currently toying with the idea of creating a low cost <£200 6 bay 2.5" NAS based around an  second hand Optiplex micro from ebay.

is this even feasible?

if i put one of these into the primary m.2 slot



and connect it to one of these + external power + minor case modsashires_1-1644315367222.png


would it even work?

and if so  how would it compare to one of these?




any thoughts/help appreciated


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I don't know, but a 4-bay Synology NAS would be MUCH better.

You can format as SHR (Synology Hybrid Raid-5) , and have 1-disk Fault Tolerance (with little loss of over-all space). It's also a whole miniature server. Load it up with quality drives and get a UPS-Battery for it (like a APC) and you are all set. 

If you must, you can start with 1-2 drives. 

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Well here it is - just a few bits and bobs to sort out but all working as expected. 1648371783750.jpg1648371783726.jpg


Not a bad setup.  So how did you deal with all of the wires coming out of the micro?

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Hi Brad,

I was going to thread them through the spare opening on the back (mine has a vga port installed)


 but decided to keep the VGA port as it gave me something to secure the SSD to.

so out came the Dremel 



Hi, is it still working without issues?

Quick question: how do you supply power to the icy doc?
Do you use the Dell's power supply with extra long cables, or a separate PSU?

If separate PSU what type?
And don´t you have problems with ground potential differences between the internal Dell PSU and the external PSU?

Your setup is tempting to replicate, but I am genuinely concerned about power issues.




Hi Luis,

its been running now for around 5 months without a single issue, I tidied up the internal cables a bit and put a passive heatsink on the pch chip to drop the temperature - it went from 65C to 55C - a personal choice only

To power the icy dock I bought a separate power supply - Lacie ACU057A-0512 - from ebay for £7.50 and replaced the connector with a standard molex one and connected it to a SATA power splitter. This provides both 5v and 12v to the dock


Hope that helps




Great, thanks for the quick reply!

I am waiting for an ebay 7040 SFF to arrive, and your setup looks very tempting.



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