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There's been many posts asking about upgrading CPU's to meet Windows 11 requirements. First, be sure your Optiplex model is in the Dell Windows 11 validated list. Second, Google search the Tech Guide and/or Specifications Sheet for your particular model. There you'll find the compatible list of CPU's for your system.  For example, Google "optiplex 3010 tech guide."  Screengrab below.

A couple of notes:

  • If you can't get a Tech Guide from the Dell site, manualslib.com is the next best choice.  I've used it often.
  • Some older spec sheets' CPU listings were a little vague, making the Tech Guide the best choice.
  • Third, if you're having any trouble finding a list of compatible CPU's, we can help, as sometimes it might be in the owner's manual and/or on the Dell website.


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- If you have an Optiplex, stating its model number AND size speeds up troubleshooting. Components vary.

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