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Perc H200 slow 33 MB/s with HDD, 58 MB/s with SSD

I have a urgent problem:

We have 14 servers with PERC H200, they have all 2x SATA HDD 160GB (7200) from DELL plus 1x Samsung SSD 830.

The two HDD we put in Raid 1.

We get horrible speeds for the HDD we get 33 MB/s and for the SSD 58 MB/s. The same SSD give above 500 MB/s in a HP Server with the cheapest Raid Controller.

What's going wrong here?


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Good morning.  Without knowing which server you have these H200 controllers installed in, I can give you some options to try to increase the throughput.   Make sure the server is fully updated with the most current bios, BMC\iDRAC and controller firmware.  Then run your test again.


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We have already the latest Firmware updates on our:

4x R610 G11

10x R210 II

I today called the DELL Support (Switzerland, probably served from Germany) as the R210 II was bought 2 months before and R610 10 mnths before (not used up to today), they told me very funny stuff:

- the H200 is the basic Raid controller and this performance sounds all right, if I need higher performance I need to go with H700 (a 300 bucks option can not handle Raid1 and not work as a Host controller???)

- my question why a single HDD or SDD connected to the H200 (without Raid) deliver same slow speed they told me because the Processor of the Raid controller -> BS (the Controller must pass trough)

- when I told them I have paid this 300 bucks to get a usable Raid1 / Host controller who don't block the troughput and that in my eyes this product is defective they ask me: "Did you see that DELL has somewhere written that you can expect more then this troughput you get?" -> Yes, it's sad but true DELL nowhere mention that someone can expect some troughput.

This last question from this DELL guy was really too much, it speaks for itself. I have wished a nice day and  

ended the phone call.

Yes we're stupid:

- We paid 14x 300 bucks for a unusable Raid controller to DELL

- We paid for Pro Support and various service upgrades to get this kind of answer from DELL *phantastic*

- We bought in total 30 DELL Server (16 have a H700 NV) for this setup from DELL

Why? Dell quoted a few bucks cheaper then HP (not more then 3%) -> I could kick myself.

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"H700 (a 300 bucks option can not handle Raid1)"

I'm not sure why people keep saying this ... of course it does a RAID 1.

Also not sure what you mean by "Host controller" ... if you are talking about non-RAID/JBOD, then no it does not, but you can use each drive individually by configuring each as its own single-disk RAID 0.

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Nenad007, have you tried changing the drive policy in device manager ...

check     Enable write cache on the device

check     Turn off Windows write cache buffer....

Without these settings  the H200  has an an idenity issue and believes it is functioning in the early 1990s raid drive speed era..this so called "raid" adapter is pushing for the lowest performing hardware raid in present history without the above settings. Without a BBU these setting could cause problems, but without them the H200   IS  a problem.

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Yes it does Raid1 but with a speed of 33 MB/s with a HDD that deliver 103-108 MB/s (self attached to the motherboard and/or as Software Raid1)

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Yes, I gone trough all this was my first tough when I seen this bad performance and have tested all variants.

Write cache: enabled, read cache: enabled

Anyway next monday we will pull out all the H200, on the 10x R210 II we will go with Software Raid 1 and for the R610 we will buy a LSI Raid controller.

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