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The BOSS-S1 and PERC H740P Disk Enumeration

I have a Dell T640 with BOSS-S1 and PERC H740P. Any volume created on the H740P will appear in Windows as Disk0 or Linux as sda. The volume from the BOSS-S1 will appear as Disk1 in Windows or sdb in Linux. If I clear the H740P and just use the volume from the BOSS-S1, the "drive" will appear as Disk0 or sda. As soon as I create a volume on the H740P, the disk identifiers will change. I am VERY uncomfortable having my Windows Operating system reside on Disk1.  Windows belongs on Disk0 !!!!

This is a disk enumeration problem and is hardware based. How can I force the BOSS-S1 to remain at Disk0? I don't believe I can move the H740P into another slot. Ideas please.

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When the volume for the H740P is created, where are you doing that? For example, is this in the LCC, the RAID controller, the iDRAC, or from OpenManage? 


I suspect that the controller believes that it's volume is meant to be bootable, and it shouldn't. You can check that from one of those menus (in the PERC BIOS it would be under Controller Properties), but what might be the easiest thing would be to install OpenManage (if it isn't already) and create the RAID volume from there. If you do it this way, Windows already has your disk enumeration and sees itself on 0 and that shouldn't change. Hopefully, that helps out. Nothing else is springing to mind as a possibility at the moment.


Thank you Dylan for the reply.  I created the array initially in the LCC section under Configure RAID.  I have also installed OpenManage and created the array with that tool.  It looks great until you reboot and the disk identifiers go back to where I do not want them.

Under the H740P Configuration, SELECT BOOT DEVICE, there is the option to choose NONE or Virtual Disk 0: When I make the change to NONE, it will not be retained.  There isn't an APPLY button either.  If you refresh the screen, it seems like it's saved until you reboot and look again.


Is the controller listed in your boot order? I'm wondering if perhaps something there might be part of the issue.


I can't think of a reason that the changes wouldn't be preserved. You might consider flashing the firmware, on the offhand chance that its firmware related.


Are you doing this in Bios mode or UEFI mode?



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It's all been in UEFI.  I attempted BIOS mode, but got lots of boot errors and the RAID10 will be over 2TB, so I abandoned BIOS mode and went back to UEFI.


Didn't see this.  Firmware flashed on day 1.  SOP (Standard Operating Procedure)

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I am having this exact same issue on multiple servers that have the same configuration with a BOSS card and a PERC-H740P RAID configuration. RAID5 in my case. I don't see anything related to boot in the PERC BIOS settings.


Hi, thanks for choosing Dell. I'm afraid we don't know which version Linux you are on, but these links might help:







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This is not helpful and smells of an automated response. OP mentions both Windows and Linux, the poster you replied to does not mention an OS at all.

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