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failed to import foreign config

I have 8 hard disks configured in Raid 5. since 4 disks are online however 4 disks are in foreign config mode. I tried to import that foreign config however error has occurred that 4 out of 4 failed to import.  it says controller has data in cache for offline or missing virtual diskfailed to import foreign conffailed to import foreign confdisplay when OS bootdisplay when OS boot

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Hello @delluser98676,

First, make sure you are following all this steps: How to import a “Foreign Configuration” in the RAID Controller using the System Setup Menu https://dell.to/3rAiESx.

If the error persist, you may check this article: Unable to Import or Clear Foreign Configuration on a PERC 6 Controller https://dell.to/3UM09I3

Be careful with the steps from the las article because they could completely erase the data.


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