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Dell R840 and Nvidia Tesla V100 SXM2 32GB

I have a Dell R840 server and I need to install Nvidia Tesla V100 SXM2 32GB.  Is there any documentation?  The server is brand new, so should I contact Dell support?

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The manual can be found on the system support page. It has information on slot priority, the slot priority is 2,6. I am not aware of any other documentation we have about the card. You would probably need to get that from NVIDIA. If we have a driver for it on the support page of the server then you should use that driver. If we do not have a driver listed then you should use either the native operating system driver or the driver from the manufacturer.


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Wanting to  PING  this topic.

We're in the same position ,  now in   2023,   and wondering if the  V100 will work with a Win-10 enviroment on a  R840 box.  Doesn't seem to be an answer anywhere.





Hello thanks for choosing Dell. I wonder if this would help:


GPU card installation guidelines

  • Ensure that both the processors are installed.
  • The processor must use the GPU kit low-profile heat sink.
  • To ensure adequate cooling when one or more GPUs are installed, the ambient inlet temperature is restricted to 30°C for CPU 150 W/8 C, 165 W/12 C, 200 W, 205 W. For more information, see the Ambient temperature limitations section in the PowerEdge R840 Technical Specs at https://dell.to/3XSsIEN..
  • All GPUs must be of the same type and model.
  • The cover on the GPU air shroud must be removed before installing the GPU.
  • Ensure that high performance fans and GPU air shroud are installed.

NOTE When using systems with GPU, ensure that you install PSUs with 1100 W or higher, and set the PSU configuration to non-redundant mode.





Internal GPU and FPGA Up to 2x 300 W GPUs or up to 2 FH Double-width FPGAs 

https://dell.to/3Y1KHIO   page6


Also it would be recommeded you ask the sales team.




GPUs on supported platforms



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NVIDIA V100 is a supported GPU in PowerEdge R840. Below is the part details for the same


You can refer below link for support matrix


Windows 10 is not a supported operating system for PowerEdge R840. Not supported does not mean it will not work. As it is not supported it is not validated, hence we can not guarantee that it will work. You may face driver availability and compatibility issues.

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