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Dell r650xs CPU Performance


I configure new r650xs server with two Procesor Intel® Xeon® Gold 5318Y to be a host for hyper-v 2019 guest slq server, sql developer ask me to configure CPU to work all the time on high performance mode, because now it often falls to low values:


Is there any setting, IDRAC, hyper-v host to force CPU to work with higher performance?


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Yes, there are powersaving Option within BIOS and iDrac. These settings depends on how the Server was ordered, so there is no fixed default.

The 14/15.gen Server also can be configured with workload Profiles.

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 found this on settings, I have something like Workload Profiles:

-HPC Profile

-Low Latency Optimized Profile

-Virtualization Optimized Performance Profile

-Virtualization Optimized Performance Per Watt Profile


where I could read about this workloads profile which to choose to SQL server?

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racadm set bios.SysProfileSettings.SysProfile PerfOptimized
racadm set bios.SysProfileSettings.WorkloadProfile VtOptimizedProfile
racadm set system.thermalsettings.ThermalProfile 1

But you can click it wihin the SystemSetup or iDRAC as well. Please take notice that a reboot is needed. The above settings configure the server for "full power" and no or less powersavings.


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