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PowerEdge R350 - extremely slow Lifecycle Controller + unable to PXE boot

We got something over 30+ brand new servers poweredge R350 and we are trying them - installing operating system via PXE boot. I have sucessfully installed almost every of them except 6 pieces. I'm using literally the same procedure on each one and it was no problem at all besides these 6 pieces. Mainly, I'm unable to install via PXE boot - I receive IP address from DHCP, it starts to loads the files, but then it get stuck. There is also problem with exteremely slow Lifecycle Controller (when I click I wait 15 seconds for some action even longer, moving cursor on display draws trail of black squares behind) - when I power on server and click on F10, I also wait like 5 minutes to load Lifecycle Controller, normally it should be within 1 minute. I think slowness of Lifecycle Controller and being unable to PXE boot will relate to each other, because this combination appears on all the 6 servers... Nonethless, BIOS itself works smoothly.

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While we don't normally support initial configuration issues, what I suggest is that you start with updating the BIOS, iDrac/Lifecycle Controller, as well as the raid controller.
Would you also clarify, after updating the server, if you're seeing any errors, and if so what they are specifically?


Let me know what you see.  


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I have updated everything what was possible and it is the same. It doesn't shows any errors.

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