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PowerEdge R610: How to enable Wake-On-Lan


Could someone please confirm if the wake-on-lan feature is available/not available for PowerEdge R610? I was not able to find any option under the BIOS Setup. 



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I believe I answered you on Twitter, but if not then here you go.

Restart the computer.

Press <Ctrl>+<S> within four seconds after the <Ctrl>+<S> prompt appears. The message prompting to press <Ctrl>+<S> is displayed once for each Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet adapter you have in your computer. The messages are displayed in the same order as the assigned adapter-device number.

Use the up arrow and down arrow keys to move to up and down through the MBA Configuration menu.

Use the right arrow or left arrow key to change settings of the selected option. You will find WOL at the bottom.

Press <F4> to save your settings.

Press <Esc> when you are finished.

Let me know if this helps.

Chris Hawk

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Hi Chris,

Thanks for the reply.

Currently when starting up the server, there is no Ctrl S option. After some search, I realize it's because the PXE/MBA is not enabled.

It requires to run the uxdiag.exe file, is this downloadable from Dell? if yes could you point me where to download it from?


Zhe L

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