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Purchase iDrac 7 Enterprise License

I purchase a used T320 server that did not have iDRAC Enterprise license when purchased, only express.

Can I buy an upgrade license to activate the enterprise options? I did transfer ownership when I bought it, however when I go to DDL it wants a registration number from the original purchase email (?) I do not have?

Any help / advice is greatly appreciated.


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You shouldn't need the DDL, as that would be where the licenses were stored originally. Now if the server had an Enterprise license previously, then you would look there for the license details. Since it is an express that shouldn't be the case. Now to answer your question, I would recommend that you contact the Dell sales, and they should be able to get you taken care of regarding the iDrac7 Enterprise license. 

Now if you think it may have previously had an enterprise license then you could private message me the svc tag and once the change of ownership completes I could resend it, if available.


Let me know if this helps.



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