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R620 needs USB3 or eSATA PCI card. Suggestions?

We need to attach some fast, external storage to this R620,  but I have not had much luck in finding a PCI-e eSATA or USB 3.0 card that works.

I use the exact same cards that I've used in other PowerEdge models (earlier), but in the case of the eSATA card, it causes the POST to halt when it detects hardware.  I've tried multiple USB 3.0 cards, and most have a problem with not having the power connector plug into the card.  Is there a way to get a standard power connector off the power supply in the R620 to plug into a USB 3.0 card?  I did find a card that did not need the power connector, and it is detected and Windows Server 2008 R2 loads it fine, but so far every USB 3.0 hard drive I plug in does not work for some reason or another.  Windows will throw some odd error about the drive, or a some point in writing to it, it will just go offline.

So, what does work in the R620?  Is it because it's using UEFI??  I prefer eSATA over USB 3.0, if that makes a difference.

Thanks for the help.

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We have the same issue, except we need both eSATA and USB 3 to work in our systems. Right now I can tell you that the Rosewill 2-port USB 3.0 SuperSpeed PCIe card (RC-505) works in the PE T620 and PE T420 systems. We are still on a hunt for an eSATA card.

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so has anyone solved this issue in the past year?  is there anyone from Dell monitoring these forums who can weigh in on this question?



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Neither eSATA nor USB3 is considered an 'enterprise' solution for connectivity, so the little looking around the major server manufacturers shows that none offer these connectivity options on their main servers (Dell included).

You could look into a SAS HBA with external ports (SFF-8088) and use a splitter cable like this: http://www.amazon.com/HighPoint-External-Mini-SAS-SFF8088-Ext-MS-1MES/dp/B000JQ51CM.

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"Enterpise" fine, how about SMB?  What is the problem with including USB3 in PE servers?  According to my searches there are hundreds of us looking for solutions who do not "qualify" as enterprise, but need greater speed to external devices for backup.

just my 2¢

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The manual for the Dell PowerVault 114x recommends either the Belkin or StarTech USB 3.0 cards.

We used the StarTech PEXUSB3S23 in our R720's for backup and they have been fine for 5 months.



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Hello ALLSYSG001!

We need also an USB 3.0 Interface for Backup in a R620.

You wrote that you are using the Startech Card since 5 months.

Have you the additional powersupply connector connected?

And if not is the speed still USB 3.0?

In the specifications from startech is not clearly defined that happens, if the powerconnecter is not used.

That would be very useful for me!

Thanks in advance!

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Yes the SATA power cable must be connected.

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where did you get SATA power in the R620? I do not see any place on the system board or spare porwer cable to use..

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@DEV MGR -- an R420 is hardly considered strictly an "enterprise" server.  While eSATA may be a dying standard, USB 3.0 is an INDUSTRY STANDARD, as are PCI-e slots.  If I can't easily take a PCI-e USB 3.0 card and plug it in a R420 without the server seizing up, then there is a problem.  

I should be able to plug any PCI-e card into a R420's PCI-e slot.  Otherwise, Dell should remove the PCI-e slots and use some proprietary Dell slot and make us buy Dell manufactured cards.

In any case, for anyone interested, I was able to get a RocketRaid 62x series e-SATA card in the R420 without giving an error at POST.  I must note, though, that the external drive needs to be UNPLUGGED from the card during startup or the R420 throws an error.  Once the system is booted, I plug the drive in and it works fine.

I think it's completely ridiculous that something as simple as a USB 3.0 card doesn't work.

Maybe DEV_MGR has a list of all "enterprise" class cards so I know what is considered enterprise!

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