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Search Volume ID by Storage Group ID

Anyone know if we can pass the Storage Group Name/ID into a Rest API call, such that it will return the detail of Volume? Or at least the Volume ID?

I know I can do the following (with a lot of REST API call...)

1. Store the StorageGroupID as a variable

2. List all Volumes: https://{{ip}}:8443/univmax/restapi/90/sloprovisioning/symmetrix/{{serial}}/volume

3. Get the Volume detail one by one: https://{{ip}}:8443/univmax/restapi/90/sloprovisioning/symmetrix/{{serial}}/volume/00052 (as an example)

4. Compare the StorageGroupID to the variable

5. Then I should find one (or more) volume that belongs to that Storage Group.

Can anyone suggest a better method? Thanks in advance


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