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Best practices = ME4024 with Adapt vs Raid 10

Hello All,

Recently we have purchased Dell ME4024 with 24 SSD Drive.
Now i have setup12 drive with adapt and create disk group also 12 disk with raid 10 and create disk group
Also i have attached the ME4024 with Vmware 6.7 without switch.

I have created 2 Windows 2016 standard VM on both Disk group with same configuration.

Here I am sending you IO performance  with different different scenario  by IO meter as mentioned below.

So can  you please help if this data is is correct or not.

Adapt     Raid 10    
Test nameLatencyAvg iopsAvg MBpscpu load Test nameLatencyAvg iopsAvg MBpscpu load
512 B; 50% Read; 0% random1.739249439% 512 B; 50% Read; 0% random7.062258113%
 1.5510346539%  9.551667013%
 1.5510345539%  7.472137113%
 1.5510339539%  8.211943013%
4 KiB; 50% Read; 0% random2.2670852732% 4 KiB; 50% Read; 0% random6.352519916%
 1.7293013632%  72249816%
 1.6398413832%  7.12209816%
 1.6795943732%  7.192179816%
16 KiB; 50% Read; 0% random3.0851888128% 16 KiB; 50% Read; 0% random9.2717142614%
 2.32690010728%  5.7227824314%
 2.34682810628%  5.4629084514%
 2.34683810628%  8.518662914%
32 KiB; 50% Read; 0% random3.36476214829% 32 KiB; 50% Read; 0% random10.5215194717%
 3.02530316529%  5.6928108717%
 2.96539616829%  6.5324427617%
 2.99535316729%  12.5312733917%
64 KiB; 50% Read; 0% random5.42295118422% 64 KiB; 50% Read; 0% random10.2815539714%
 5.65283217722%  7.95201012514%
 5.64283417722%  8.23194112114%
 5.63284217722%  11.0114509014%
256 KiB; 50% Read; 0% random12.7512543139% 256 KiB; 50% Read; 0% random24.956401608%
 20.377851969%  22.57111778%
 20.347861969%  24.616491628%
 20.347861969%  24.876421608%
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Hello Vijay Ayar,

Do you have both your Adapt & R10 in the same pool or are they in different pools?  Are you using Virtual storage or Linier storage? Can I get a support log from your ME4024 so that we can look into how you have configured your system?

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

 We have setup Adapt on Pool A with Virtual storage And  we have setup Raid 10 on Pool B with virtual storage.


Hello Vijay Ayar,

I will send you a private message so that you can send me the support logs from your ME4024.  Here is a link to get the logs if you need it. https://dell.to/38ZbNad

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Where should i send log to you ?

I have sent you attached file .

Hello Vijay Ayar,

I never received your email with your logs.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

I have sent you on samuel_landers@dell.com. Or if you have any email address can you please share with me.

Hello Vijay Ayar,

Remove the period at the end & then try to send it again.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

I have send as per your instruction .

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