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MD3200i Disk Initialize option greyed out

Need guidance on replacing a failed HDD on MD3200i.

Nee to replace a failed HDD, trying to initialize it via the DMDM but all options are greyed out. Disk Guru marked it as by-passed.

Replaced failed DELL 4TB with WD4TB - R/W speeds are the same. 

Is any work required on HDD before slotting into MD3200i? I'm probably not following procedure correctly - can someone advise please? 


Thank You. 



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you can see here the procedure (page 212)


No particular action to replace an hard drive.

Once the drive is replaced then the copy back process will start.  Once the copy back finishes then your hotspare drive will go back to stand by. You will also see the virtual disk show as optimal once the drive has finished copy back process.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.



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