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Alert! Front I/O Cable Failure!



I wanted to preform the instructions from Solved: Alert! Front I/O cable failure - Dell Community
on my Dell Precision Tower 3620. However, someone with a 3640 tried it to no avail. I am wondering if I should try that guide.


The USB ports work. I just need to get rid of that annoying BIOS message. Thanks.

Adding: I am open to soldering or another way to jump pins in order to fix this issue!

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Did you ever find a solution for this? I have the 3620 and moved it to a rack-mounted case. So I'm open for anything! 

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I'm facing with the same error for a motherboard 0mwypt, after changing the case.

I tried to put a jumper on pins 7-8, but the error is still here.

I also had the Alert! Front I/O cable failure, and I solved with a jumper on pins 3-4 of the power switch connector, while I plug the new power switch on pin 1-2.

Any other idea for the front cable connection? 

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