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Dell 3260 addtional hardware options

Hi - ive just bought a precision compact 3260. Im in the middle of getting it setup and would like to buy some additional parts for it, in particular and additional rear usb c module. Is there a weblink where i can look at all the optional extras that are available for it.?


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See the manuals here 

The only accessory listed is wall mount hardware. Check the Service manual. 

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Im sure i had read somewhere that there were a multiple of options available for the expansions port like the optiplex.... ie VGA, UBS-c, HDMi and display port ??


You are correct, there are add-ons cards such as USB-C, VGA, similar to Optiplex line.  You must call Dell Spare Parts for more information.  Third party seller sometimes posted it on the bay, but it will be a bit hassle when getting a wrong one.

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Thanks. Ive taken a punt and bought one from the US - im in the UK - cant seem to find them anywhere. Ill probably buy the other modules and keep them as spares as its really handy.

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