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Power supply options for the t5810

I'm jumping headlong into the new Nvidia RTX 30xx series of cards! I have a Dell t5810 with the 685W power supply now. I'll need to upgrade to the 825W power supply for the new Nvidia power-hungry beasts of beauty.  

I have two questions about upgrading the power supply. I've seen a few postings mentioning an ~1100W power supply that *may* fit into the t5810, but I can't find anything specific. Is there a power supply available for the t5810 larger than the stock 825W supply? Does it have a different power extender card?

Second question... No matter the power supply I get, are there options for the power supply extender card outputs? I've only ever seen one available with a single 8 pin VGA port. As the new Nvidia RTX 30xx series of cards require significant power, I'd like to have the best possible (i.e. safety first, power availability secondary) connections. The Nvidia cards use their new 12 pin connectors and apparently come with a 12 pin to twin 6 pin breakout cable. By my own research, I will likely need to use an 8 pin (connected to the PSU's power card) with two 6 pin breakouts to connect to the two 6 pin breakouts from the Nvidia card which lead to the 12 pin header. I understand the reason for the breakouts; because these little wires can only take so much power through each safely, the breakouts are necessary. However, that got me thinking about the power supply's extender card. With only 3 (or 4? Can't recall at this instant) 12v "rails" coming out of it, despite splitting that down 6 (or 12v wires, I'm worried the extender card itself may not be able to handle that much power through its single 8 pin port with only the 3 12v leads. So, finally, my question. Is there a different power extender board with simply more 12v leads I can draw from in order to avoid overloading the single 8pin VGA connector that's already there?



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Please let me know if you have found a resolution as of now? We are having so much trouble trying to power a rtx 8000 on a T7810 with a 825 power supply with only an eight pin vga port on the power expansion board even though we have split it into a dual six back to an 8 pin connector to the gpu along with powering the six pin with a sata to six pin. 



Its not 1100W its   DELL 1300W Power Supply

@DELL-Chris M   might have more information.

PN: MF4N5 H3HY3 V5K16 6MKJ9 T31JM



MF4N5 H3HY3 V5K16 6MKJ9 T31JM

There is a drop in 825W replacement for the Power supply and specific proprietary cable that goes to the power supply board.

There is also a 3rd party cable


Dell is dual 6 pin not dual 8 pin. D92C9

Precision 5810 power supply part numbers:

YFY1V - 425W PSU

VDY4N - 685W PSU


Power supply extended card part number is M6NP2:




It goes here ( this is a picture with the power supply removed




splitter cable part number D92C9:






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For this model, there were two 1300W PSU =
V5K16 Delta EPA (Precision T7910/T5810)
0T6R7 Delta EPA (Precision T7910/T5810)

MF4N5 Delta EPA (Precision T7610/R7610)

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Did you ever get this working? I'm attempting to do something similar but having an impossible time doing so. My PC is constantly crashing under load, despite a new power supply (825W FT7T6), new CPU, new RAM, and fully tested GPU. At this point the only explanation I have is that the multi rail psu design is causing it, and I need to just replace my mobo with an x99 or something and just scrap this whole idea already. I cannot figure this out for the life of me.

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Funnily enough, i'm doing the exact same thing as the Original Poster. Been running a Dell precision 5810 (685W PSU)  with 4x16gig, a 10gig ethernet card, and an NVMe to PCIe adapter as boot drive. Graphics card was the original Nvidia Quadro M4000-8G. so last year in September i got on the pre-order list for an RTX3080. it didn't arrive until February. but whatever. i have something solid to run on this box.

So the stock config for the PCIe aux power is 2x6pin. first i tried a pair of 6-to-8 pin adapters. no dice. wouldn't get past bios post. then reading up on it, there is an AUX CPU power on the PSU distribution board. so got a pair of cables off of ebay, one that has 2x8pin aux off of the original PCIe aux power port on the distribution board, and a 2x8pin aux off of this other AUX CPU power port. so i ran one 8pin power from each pair - each 8pin port on the GFX card getting it's "own" supply.

this seemed to work fine for a few months, but i never really turned my machine off ever, then a windows update caused a reboot, and it either couldn't get through bios post - or the machine spins up, boots, but the screens are dead. it's exactly the same as when i tried to boot the machine with a PSU feed that wouldn't support the card.

so i figure its a power issue. and further reading leads me to believe that the 825W PSU has a different distribution board? but i'm not 100% on that...

right now as it stands, having retired my Quadro M4000-8G to my old precision T3610, i'm reduced to a pair of quadro NVS310's to drive my three screens till i can get this sorted out. either i find an 825W psu and it works as a straight swap, or i figure out some external GPU PSU heath-robinson affair.

however, when it was running, it was unburstable. furmark left for a day or so untill boredom set in or i wanted to do something else. GPU-Z reporting anywhere from 320Watts to 340Watts GPU power draw. hours of cyberpunk2077... i figure i've crossed a line somewhere and something is just saying "no" right now...


ok, so a note to not checking your work...

the 8pin plugs that i have feeding my graphics card are split 6+2 pin things, where the 2pin "clips on" to the side of the 6pin plug, making it an 8 pin unit that plugs into the graphics card. i hadn't clipped the 2pin bit onto the 6pin plug of both plugs properly, so they weren't sitting in the power socket on the graphics card properly. the machine would fire up, just no display.

after checking all my connections, and that one 8pin power feed was coming from the PCIe power socket on the PSU's distibution board, and the other 8pin feed was coming from the AUX CPU power socket, and that the full 8pins were seated in the graphics card, my machine boots just fine.

so i'm running a Xeon E5-1650v4, 64gig ECC ram, a 10gig ethernet card, a PCIe to NVMe adapter with a 1TB SSD, and lastly an RTX3080. all hanging off a 685W PSU. everythings ticking along just fine so far...

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ok, so, longer term living with this setup. gaming with this machine on the 685W PSU, with a 3080 being fed one 8 pin PCIe power from the AUX CPU power socket, and the other 8pin PCIe power fed from the normal PCIe feed off the PSU. this works. and is seemingly fine. HOWEVER.

the machine will crash from every few days, to maybe get a week, maybe two weeks of 24/7 running. this is not mining machine. i just leave it on all the time as this is my work from home daily driver.

turns out there is a thing called "transient load" with GPU's where they can pull up to twice their rated power requirements.  this was ok with 10 and ok-ish with 20 series cards. but my 3080 could pull up to 700Watts for a "blip". i can't pinpoint if this is the issue, but i'm hunting for a PSU swap that could give me some headroom to cope if this is the case. the 5810 doesn't turn off completely, just freezes, then hard resets. i hope that's the "server" nature of it's PSU at least not letting the machine fall flat on it's face.


Have you replaced the PSU with an 825 or 1300 watt unit yet? Looks like at least some if not all of the Model D1300EF-02 1300w units originally installed in the 7910s would work

DP/N: V5K16 (Delta), T31JM (Chicony) T6R7 (Delta) were all used in the 7910s, appear to physically fit in the 5810 and attach to the same power distribution board with the aux CPU plug. They're expensive for 6-8 year old power supplies ($100 or so).  The 825w units are more reasonable ($60-75) but might not do the job, especially if the issue is "transient load" related.  I have my doubts though - seems like your unit worked fine till it didn't - and the transient loads should have been there all of the time.  I've been running the M4000 (6+6 pin) off the AUX CPU port just to see if it works.  So far, no difficulties but I haven't really put it to the test.

I've been wondering if I'll need to replace my 685w units with something better for future graphics cards.  BTW, if you need more than 6 cores, the 22-core e5-2696 v4s work great in these machines (updated A34 bios needed) and are fairly cheap.  They'll only turbo 1-2 cores at 3.7 GHz but you might not notice the drop from the 4 GHz the 1650's will run at.


Your comment about the cpu upgrade with the A34 bios was very useful thank you. I can confirm the e5-2696 v4 22 core works T5810. The extra cores will be good when I retire it to the garage for esxi or proxmox.

I'm upgrading the graphics card to a RTX 2060 (TDP 185w?) using the 8 pin off the pcie supply from a 685W D01T006.

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