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Precision 3650 Tower HDD bay trays and SATA cables??


Just received my Precision 3650 Tower and I purchased it with a NVMe M2 1 Tb option with no other drives as I was going to instal my 4Tb work HDD into the system once I got it.

Now I find that the box doesn't come with the drive trays to suit 3.5" HDDs as well as no SATA cable to connect. Looking through the Setup and Specifications manual it says I need to buy a suitable "Customer Kit for a 3.5" SATA Tray and Cable", however I've searched the parts and electronics on the Dell website and cannot find these trays.

Does anyone know the part number or kit that I need to order and where I find it to buy?? I guess I'm from an older generation of IT Professional believing you get these trays included in the box for expanding.

Thanks for any help...

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Thank you! We have received the required details. We will work towards a resolution. In the meantime, you may also receive assistance or suggestions from the community members.

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I am posting this for others so you may not need to waste hours trying to get a solution.

I've spent probably 5-6hrs either searching the Dell website, chatting with Sales Support, Tech Support, online and on the phone, and then getting redirected from Sales (Spare Parts are sales I imagine), to tech support (but they say it is Sales that need to deal with this. Then I finally got onto a helpful operator that sent me to the Australian ProSupport team. 
NoOne in Dell has any idea of what I am talking about when I'm taking the very information from the Setup and Specifications document for the Precision 3650 Tower, page 21

"Preloaded components included with storage drives
NOTE: Users/Customers would need to install thermal pad for M.2 NVMe drives, SATA cable and tray to install 2.5" or 3.5"
SATA hard drives.
Following customer kits are sold separately for 3rd party storage drive installation:
● Thermal pad for M.2 NVMe Solid state drive
● 2.5-inch SATA Tray and cable for 2.5-inch Hard drive
3.5-inch SATA Tray and cable for 3.5-inch Hard drive"

No One in Dell knows about these. Why? Why are they not listed onliine I've searched countless terms that could be the correct one but nothing comes up.

Well I've found them on eBay. (Dell 3.5" T3630 3620 3640 T3650 8910 8920 8930 8940 HDD Bracket Caddy 065KHD | eBay )
The code for the caddy trays are supposedly 065KHD, I've even searched that on the parts online ordering list. Nothing.

I've only just received my Precision 3650 Tower and I'm already questioning where the incredible Dell Sales and Support mechanism that was around just a few years ago has gone? 

I've been in IT for 35yrs and the last place I managed we used Dell extensively because we were able to get what we need without hassle. I've missed that over the last 24hrs. Hopefully those reading this have better luck than me.


I have the same issue.  However, your solution only addresses the tray issue.  What about the SATA cable, what sort of SATA data cable is required?

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Same here. Why not designing trays like all others? And where do I find trays for my Precision 3650 tower (3.5" SATA)


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You can buy from Amazon for 3.5" HDD tray suit Precision 3650 as following item, but 2.5" is more difficult to find. In addition any sata3 cable can be used with buy. T1650/dp/B08VKWNPMT/ref=sr_1_1?crid=2FPRVV0MH77L7&keywor...



Not every SATA cable works, you need ones that are low profile enough to let you put the side panel on. I haven't been able to find any as low profile as the OEM one. You only get one going to the front 3.5 bay. Does anyone know the part number?

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The 3.5" hdd kit =  575-BBWY

Cable =  71XRT

Caddy =  65KHD

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I just got a few from eBay and the seller includes low profile cables. You really need the right low profile cables, and the hard drives go in the bottom bays upside down! Don't try to force them right side up JPL02176.jpgJPL02181.jpgJPL02205-2.jpg

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I came across this post because I was looking for the blue caddy’s for my 3650. I was able to track down the 3.5 disk caddy and 2x2.5 version. 

the 3.5 caddy with cable -pn- 65khd-



and 2x2.5 disk caddy- pn-0gw1t5 


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