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Problem with RAM upgrade on Precision 3660 Tower


I have a problem with upgrading RAM to an 3660 Tower (12700k, 16GB)

I checked crucial website for a compatible kit and found CT2K16G48C40U5 (2x16GB modules)

I bought it and installed the kit (I took out the Dell modules) and receive a orange/white blinking LED. It's blinking 2x orange and 5x white- which means "incorrect memory installed".

How can I fix it? Crucial says the RAM is compatible.

(have BIOS 1.2.38 installed)

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@DELL-Chris M 

CT2K16G48C40U5 Crucial 32GB Kit (2 X 16GB)
PC5-38400 DDR5-4800MHz non ECC
Unbuffered CL40 1.1V Single Rank Memory

May not be certified to run in your Dell.

Even crucial will NOT RMA ram that is not validated by their configuration manager to work on your system.


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I've choosen this ram because crucial site says it's compatible



The issue is that on the Crucial site, the configurator offers that kit for a Precision 3660. 
So either the configurator is wrong, or the kit has a module faulty inside

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@TS-DELL , try one module at a time as the only one installed in dimm slot 0... with a bit of luck one will allow to boot (this to check if one is faulty)

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I tried each single module, but no one worked.

What to do, will crucial replace the kit with a working one? On crucial site the kit is named as compatible...

It's very annoying.

I think Dell will not do anything about it. I sure they say'll "buy our original ram".

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At this point I would say yes. Give them the computer model and the part number of the kit that their own site offered you as compatible, and let them fix the issue

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FYI; I was in contact with crucial support. They gave some tips to fix the problem (cmos reset) but it doesn't work. They checked the compatibility again and confirmed that it should work. Now I can send a RMA request to crucial. But before this I'll try to replace the kit by vendor.

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I have the same issue. But with the 32GB Sticks by Crucial 32GB DDR5-4800 UDIMM
CT32G48C40U5. Not sure if this has something to do with ECC?

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Uhm, i don't think the kit of the OP and yours , @MWC Tech , are ecc . In any case the i7-12700k should work with either ecc or non ecc modules, and the brochure of the 3660 states the option of using either ecc or non ecc ram.

Out of curiosity, could both of you write the p/n (dell and oem) written on the sticks installed at factory ?

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