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4TB availability for Precision 5470, 5570 and 5770

Trying to order one of the new Precision 5470, 5570 or 5770 with 4TB SSD modules fails with an error 4TB SSD for boot memory is not available. Does anybody know when it will be available for ordering?

This is the main reason for me to switch from a lifelong marriage with ThinkPad

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Seems it has become available now.:-)

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Due to the shortage of 4TB drives from the manufacturer, our sales page is set to deny builds using 4TB drives on the Precision 5570 and Precision 5770. Our hope is that by August 2022 the 4TB drive shortage will be over and we can start offering them again in the sales page builds.

The Precision 5470 does not have this sales limitation.


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I did not get any useful replies on this question. Any news on the availability?


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Yes, I did include e.g. the NVIDIA RTX A1000 4GB Graphics for the 7470. But it still says: "The 4TB Gen4 Boot Hard Drive is not available for now".

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Interesting since 4 TB is listed as a compatible SSD in the system specs. But it is only listed as compatible if used with discrete graphics. Have you tried to configure a system including a discrete GPU?

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