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Conflict with the GPU (NVIDIA Quadro M1200) - crashes in Photoshop

The Dell support team tried to help me with this issue but so far with no success. They remotely ran some tests and diagnostics, all came back fine, and updated all drivers. 

Maybe you can help me or have an idea or can direct me to another site?

Photoshop crashes on my Dell 5520 Precision Laptop (Windows 10) - There's a conflict with the GPU (NVIDIA Quadro M1200). It’s not a Photoshop issue. I ran several versions. Always the same, but I have no problem with my Surface Pro 7. 


Here's what happens.

  1. Photoshop hangs up. I can't do anything.
  2. After a few minutes or a minute, but not immediately, this error message shows up (Please see also photos below):

Unable to communicate with Display Driver

  1. After a little while, if I let the computer sit for a few minutes, I get another message and the blue screen of death with the following message (again, please see below)



The machine runs stable with the NVIDIA Quadro M1200 disabled. But when I disable the NVIDIA graphics unit, it runs slower, and I have to slow down sketching in Photoshop.

I don't know when this problem started. It must have happened with some Windows or Dell update some months back.

I also depend on the scrubby zoom function in Photoshop. It's much slower with the NVIDIA GPU disabled.


Here's my workaround: I go to Photoshop and keep working in Photoshop, it will run fine, but I can't take breaks. I have to keep working on it. The program might hang up if I jump to another app, like Chrome or InDesgin, and spend too much time away from Photoshop. That also happens when I take a coffee break from the computer. 


The computer doesn't always fall asleep with Photoshop, or it might hang up Photoshop.

I suspect some issue between Dell sleep function and may be an incompatibility of some sort.

A year ago, I tried to fix the falling-asleep issue with Dell, and it seemed to work at first, but then I noticed it again. I gave up on it because it doesn't affect my work. It's just a safety issue for me.

Closing the lid does the trick.


Unfortunately, I can't emulate the problem with precision. It just happens. Photoshop hangs itself up. After it happens, I need to do a restart. If it happens too often, I have to disable the graphic card in the Device Manager and work in slow motion. Very annoying.


I also wondered if the computer or graphic card gets too hot, but I have a cooling pad and noticed the problem even when I hadn't done much work, and the computer was still cold.


Do you have any suggestions?

I appreciate your help in advance or for directing me to the right place.


I'm working with 16 GB of RAM

4 GB Graphics Unit

I' am also pasting a few screenshots of the issue below.

21-10-07 5520 issue (12).JPG21-11-28 computer crash (3).jpg21-11-28 computer crash.jpg22-11-19 final crash-a.jpg21-10-07 5520 issue (14)a.jpg

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I gave up. I switched my computers from Dell's to Surface Microsoft's. I bought a Microsoft Surface Laptop4 - no issues with Photoshop - I love it. I liked it so much that I bought a Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio this month with a NIVIDIA card and more power. Also, no issues. It's NOT a Photoshop issue.

Good luck!


Thanks for your reply. It's not an Adobe issue. I switched my computers from Dell's to Surface. One is a surface studio laptop also with a nvidia video card. I have no issue on the surface computers. 

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I am having the same problem, even down to the inter App problem and the delay issue . i had PS open but was not using it when it crashed and I got the same blue error screen . i get the same error code . i have tried so many things and have had three remote sessions with Adobe . this issue has been going on for months . it is exasperating .


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i'm facing the same problem, making me crazy

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I have same issue with precision 5520..

I can not fix it yet...

I am tring... 


DELL, Help me !


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thanks for advice.

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Maybe I should have added that I sent the computer to Dell. They'll likely do a reinstall, and I hope that this will clear up the problem. 


Thank you for your reply. It isn't a Photoshop issue. It happens outside of Photoshop, for example with SketchUp. I don't use that a lot though. Often it happens after I have been stressing the system.

Here's someone from the NVIDIA forum who has the same machine and GU and a very similar problem. His is with CAD not Photoshop but exactly my issue. 
So I assume there are many more with similar issues. 
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I suggest you get Adobe involved, or at the very least start a discussion thread in the Adobe Support Community. They might provide more details about the failure that's causing the messages.

There's also the possibility that recent changes to the video driver cause the failure, i.e., you might want to try older versions.

You might also want to try running other graphics intensive apps or benchmarks to see if the problem is isolated to Photoshop or if it also shows up when running other apps.

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