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Dell Precision 7760 turns itself on without cause from shut down state?

I have found the true fix, but it means opening the unit from the bottom where the hard drive bays are.

remove the screws, remove the panel, disconnect the battery cable by holding the ring attached and wiggle gently left to right until completely separated.

Open the laptop and push the power button down for 30 seconds to fully discharge with the battery disconnected, then reconnect the battery carefully, if it's not seated correctly, you will see flashing yellow light in the front when you start it up.

at this point make sure it stays closed, put the bottom panel back and screws, keep the unit closed, once you have completed this just plug the ac cord into the back of the unit, this next step is very important because you are performing a hard reboot to the bios.

with ac plugged in open the laptop and hold the power button down for EXACTLY 30 seconds and release, it will start to reboot, the bios will say set up option, just continue back into windows and problem is solved, you may need to reset the bios time.

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