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Precision 7560 USB issues

Have purchased multiple (12) Precision 7560 laptops and am starting to see users with intermittent USB device issues.  The primary issue is USB keyboards and mice are freezing (not typing or mouse movement).  Have tried both Bluetooth and wired keyboard and mice with the same issue.  Have done a Mr. Google but no similar issues have come up.  All software up to date including drivers and Windows 10.  Have tried with docks and without all with the same issue.   Have run diagnostics with no issues.   Next is a warranty call as I've already spent way too much time fault finding.  Anyone else had an issue?

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I also have the problem with my Precision 7560. I have an Anker PowerExpand+ 7-in-1 USB-C Media Hub plugged into type-c port close to the rear side of the laptop; when I connect any phone with USB 3.0 connectivity like my Pixel 3 into type-A port with PowerShare (right side of my laptop), my mouse and keyboard (and sometimes my type-c headphone) plugged via the type-C hub will be disconnected by themselves for 2 to 3 seconds before reconnect.

Even I use type-c-to-type-c cable to connect my mouse directly to the type-c port on my Precision 7560, it will also be disconnected for few seconds as I connect my Pixel 3 phone (USB 3.0) to USB-A port (with PowerShare) at the right side of my Precision 7560. I connect my type-C headphone to the type-C port (left one), and also disconnected briefly as connect my Pixel 3 into USB-A port with PowerShare.

However, I also connect my portable hard drive and HDMI cable to the type-C hub, and the video output and the hard drive are not affected as I connect my Pixel 3 phone to the USB-A port (with PowerShare) at right side of the laptop

Additionally, I also have type-A to type-C dongle; I plug the dongle into either one of the two type-C port at the left side of my Precision 7560. Then I plug a USB 3.0 flash drive or portable hard drive with USB 3.0 into the dongle connected to the type-c port, and the device doesn't work at all. Unless I connect USB 3.0 flash drive or portable hard drive to the type-A to Type-C dongle first, and then I plug the dongle with USB 3.0 device connected to the type-C ports on the left side of my laptop, and the device work. I even got a Latitude laptop from college and test like I mentioned above, and I found out that the devices work when I plugged a dongle to a type-C port and then plug my USB 3.0 drives to the dongle which is connected to the type-c port.

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Update on the USB connectivity problems with my Precision 7560: The machine was replaced with a new one of the same model and spec, about two months ago. It turns out that the replacement computer has exactly the same problem! I've ruled out the corporate OS image we use, as I tested it with the standard Dell Windows 10 Pro image before handing it over to our IT department to have the corporate Windows 10 Enterprise image installed.

It seems then that there is either an incompatibility problem between the Precision 7560 and Windows 10 or there is a design flaw in the hardware itself.

And of course, the replacement computer has the same background buzz/rattle coming from the speakers as the last one.  I would've thought that after 5 or more years, Dell would have this common problem sorted out!

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In the end we swapped out both Mouse and Keyboard for an alternate (different make and model) and the problem seems to have gone despite trying that initially.  It appears that the mouse was somehow going into sleep mode and wouldn't wake up.

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I have exactly the same problem with my company issued Precision 7560.  USB keyboard and mouse mostly work OK if plugged into one of the laptop ports with no other USB devices connected to any of the other ports.  As soon as something like an external HDD, USB to Ethernet or USB to RS232 converter is plugged into one of the other ports, the external keyboard and mouse start failing frequently.  Plugging the keyboard/mouse (either wired or wireless via a dongle) into a Dell WD19DCS docking station also causes the same problem (my manager has a similar set up and experiences the same issues).

Like GeorgeEck, I've also run diagnostics that report no problems, checked and updated drivers and BIOS, even had the OS re-installed, none of which have made any difference.  The motherboard was replaced a few weeks ago and has made no difference to the problem either - in fact, the replacement motherboard has made things worse, as I now have the so called 'coil whine/buzz' problem that many Dell laptops are infamous for!


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