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Precision 7560 and XPS 9520 with AX210/AX211 not showing/connecting to 6GHz networks

I recently bought a new Asus 6E (6GHz) router, and I have four newer laptops with Intel AX210 and AX211 wireless cards installed, all running Windows 11 or Windows 10 Professional.  Two of those computers, XPS 9520 and Precision 7560, have OEM installed AX210/AX211 adapters.

None of my computers can see the 6GHz network.   I know the network is broadcasting because my S21 Ultra can see and connect to the 6GHz band.  I've tried the latest Dell driver and latest Intel driver, and neither of them can see the 6GHz network.

In my search for help, I found this post Solved: ax210 window 10 21h2 not showing 6GHz networks - Intel Communities and tried the recommended older driver and it worked.  

This doesn't seem like a hardware issue since my phone can connect to the 6GHz network, and my computers can connect to the network using the older driver.  It just doesn't see the 6Ghz network using any other version of the driver.

Apparently, I'm not the only one with this issue according to other forums.  

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Signed up to this forum for this exact issue.  Have an opti 7090UUF with upgraded with an AX211 (originally an AX201 and purchased last year).  Was told by Intel its compatible and by dell its not.  Intel stated Dell needs to update its compliance records to support the new card. Dell has yet to do so with my issue. 

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It's been five weeks and Dell continues to tell me that the Precision 7560 does not support 6GHz although their specifications list it, and my product build sheet does as well.  

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After eighteen messages back and forth with Dell so far, I'm really getting frustrated with incompetent support personnel.

So far, Dell's official response is that my systems do not support Wi-Fi 6E (6GHZ), meaning that the Precision 7560 was falsely advertised as having Wi-Fi 6E, and that the factory installed AX211 adapter in my XPS 9520 has had its 6GHz capability disabled. 




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