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VIDEO DXGKRNL on Precision 5520

Hello all and thank you for your time.

I have a Precision 5520, Intel i7-7820HQ with NVIDIA Quadro M1200 and Intel HD Graphics 630. Bought in 2017, it served me well, I replaced the battery once and overall I am happy with it. However, recently I've been getting VIDEO DXGKRNL fatal errors more and more frequently. It began by crashing while rendering in Adobe After Effects or while using more than one application at the time (which obviously wasn't a problem before) and now it crashes even when using simply google chrome. 

I contacted Microsoft support and they haven't been able to assist apart from telling me to reinstall my graphics card drivers which I did, to no success. Moreover I tried google search and applied any and all solutions I found, with no solution fixing the problem. A diagnostic of the PC shows everything is healthy.

I've seen a post about this error here back in 2014 but I believe things have changed since then. I like my Dell and I would love to continue using it but it has become simply unbearable to work. I am out of options, any help will be appreciated.


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Using Precision 5520,

I may fix this issue using old drivers.


1) Download Driver pack 

2) Uninstall both graphic driver 

3) Reinstall old graphic driver 


with Sketchup, I do not see hung up and blue screen.

: )


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have you fix this issue ?

I just want to started fixing it : )

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I have multiple of these identical machines.  They are all exhibiting this same behavior of intermittent VIDEO_DXGKRNL_FATAL_ERROR bsod crashes.  I believe this is about getting the correct video drivers installed.  Go to the Intel website and get the HD Graphics 630 driver  Then get the Quadro M1200 driver from the Dell website (do not update to the latest NVidia driver but instead use this 'qualified' driver from the Dell 5520 drivers website).  If you are using a docking station, get the latest DisplayLink driver from displaylink: 10.2 M1 (10.2.6841.0).

That seems to be working so far for me.  But since is intermittent, we'll see if the crashes go away over the next few weeks.  Mine have been crashing once a day to once a week. I will try to update this posting if I find this still has not fixed the problem. 

These Dell Precision laptops are great machines but these constant Direct X Blue Screen Of Death crashes are certainly a nuisance.

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