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Dell C1760NW - Apple OSX 10.10 Yosemite Issues


I have recently updated my iMac to 10.10. This was a clean install not an upgrade. I came to install the drivers for my C1760NW but I am unable to get the printer working..!

According to the Dell the C1760NW is supported on 10.10 and I have downloaded the following Driver - Printer_C1660_C1760_Installer_Dell_A03_MAC.dmg.

After running the installer I head to add the printer, the drivers is not listed and OSX wants to set it up as a Generic PostScript Printer..

I have a feeling the installer is not compatible with Yosemite and is not installing the drivers correctly.

Any help would be appreciated, I will have to go back to Mavericks if I cannot resolve this as I am not going to buy a new Printer.


Matt A

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Exact same  problem for me. I can not use C1760NW anymore. Any help will be great.



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