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vCenter ProSphere User for VMAX Perf Data

I need create a discovery job on ProSphere to integrate with a number of vCenter servers. I have successfully done this for 1 vCenter server by logging in through remote desktop and creating ProSphere user. However for all the other vCenter servers the discovery job is failing because of incorrect user credientials. And now the original job is failing too.

Is there a guide on how to setup ProSphere user for a vCenter server? What are the rules?


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Page 47 of the deployment guide

Discovery requirements

     For virtual infrastructure discovery, ProSphere requires:

               ◆ Assignment of individual ESX credentials or assignment of VirtualCenter credentials. In either case, Read-only permissions must be included, with the addition of Browse Datastore and StorageViews—View permissions. These

credentials are entered as VMware Infrastructure credentials in ProSphere. The EMC ProSphere Administrator Guide provides instructions for creating discovery access credentials.

          ◆ Unblocked access to the IP address of the Web Services interface on all VMware ESX and VirtualCenter servers to discover.

Page 97 of the Administrator guide when you create an access credential with the type VMware Infrastructure to discover virtual hosts vCenter, the username you specify must be a user name that has “storage

view” privilege in vCenter

If you still have issues after confirming the above please open an SR with support attaching the ProSphere logs




Hi Conor,

Yea this doesn't really explain how to do it on the VMware vCenter side. I am not sure how to add permissions for Browse Datastore and StorageViews.

How do i collect logs from ProSphere? Maybe if I could view logs I could see where it is failing myself. I don't see how to do this in documentation.


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