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Dell Command Update will not let me enter/set a BIOS Password. Also, I cannot run as Administrator

I've tried multiple fresh installs of Dell Command Update 4.1 and 4.2.1 and attempted a BIOS update.


There is a BIOS password set, so the update fails -  The fix for this is to set a BIOS password in Dell Command Update itself, but for some reason, it is greyed out and I can't set it !


My next guess was to try running DCU as Administrator, but I can't do that either.  I receive and error saying it couldnt find the path, and when I go to the path, I have no rights as the Admin even. Taking control of the folder, and I still can't run it.


What is going on ?????Capture.PNGCapture1.PNG



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I am having same issue.

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I am seeing the same behavior as well. Any fix yet?

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It is a shame this has been left with no answer for as long as it has.
I am not able to update UEFI firmware due to this issue.


Hello, I see you are looking for technical assistance. If you need our help, you can start a private/direct message with us and we will be happy to assist you.

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Hi unfortunately
I am based in the UK
but I will look into that regardless

also so that it is noted this issue is present in Dell Command | Update 4.5.0

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