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5100MP, Lamp Failure

I am encountering a number of these Lamp failures with the dell 5100mp projectors. When in lamp failure the projector will not respond to anything including the power button. the only way to fix this is to pull the power cord. when re powered it works fine again. This often occurs on start up. Has anyone else encountered this problem?? What causes it and how can it be fixed??
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The fix is to get them exchanged while under warranty.
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I am on my third bulb for the Dell 5100MP Projector and have not used any anywhere close to the stated bulb life.
They die too easily.
My problem is that the new one I just put in did not work.  It came up with Lamp Failure with even showing any light.
Is their a problem that Dell needs to deal with?
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If under warranty, get the 5100MP exchanged.

If you have a service tag number associated with your projector, you may use Chat or Email support to setup the projector exchange.

If you only have an Order number associated with the projector, you must call in,

They will need the following information -
Name, address, phone, email address
Order number
Troubleshooting done
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Same problem on 3 5100MP projectors in a 24 hour period: Lamp failure, replace bulb, lamp failure message remains and projectors does not work, cannot reset lamp as there is no OSD to do it . . . And the answer is "exchange it before it's warranty expires." As a business man who is running about $125,000 of projectors, including about $75,000 of Dell projectors (and, oh, about another $15,000 in bulbs) , and who is experiencing this very problem with three 5100MP projectors inside of 24 hours, all projectors just 1 month out of warranty, this is an appallingly bad answer to a problem that is clearly of Dell's making. "Get them exchanged before the warranty expires?" Come on! What if they worked fine until then? You're saying Dell would have exchanged them for me if this problem had not occurred prior to the warranties going out? How would I know this? This is pathetic. Those toshibas and sanyos I use in other locations are looking mighty good at this point.
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