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Dell EMC R640 not detect nvme U.2 on S140

We have a Dell R640 server with 8 samsung PM1733.

When we configure on the card S140. It's don't recognize any drives.

While according to the documentation from dell my nvme drive is supported by S140


We replace them with similar drives but made by dell that can be found and configured on the S140.

Has anyone had the same problem as me and is there any way to fix it. Or do you have to use Dell's drive to work with the S140?


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Dell Technologies

Dell HW and drives comes with FW which is designed and validated to work with Dell PowerEdge servers. Non Dell drives are not supported on PowerEdge Server. As it is not supported it is not validated, hence we can not guarantee that it will work. 

DELL-Shine K


So what does the information on the link https://www.dell.com/support/manuals/en-vn/poweredge-t140/perc_s140_ug_pub/nvme-pcie-ssd-support?gui...  mean? And how to know if that device is supported by Dell.
Most Dell provides very general information. Confuse

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I contacted Dell, but i have not received any satisfactory answer to my problem. I feel quite bewildered.
If I make a personal purchase as described (https://www.dell.com/support/manuals/en-vn/poweredge-t140/perc_s140_ug_pub/nvme-pcie-ssd-support?gui...), the S140 will support the PM1733. But no it's not.

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