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Dell PowerEdge R730xd

So I have a peer in sister company that has a problem with his PowerEdge R730xd, it's out of warranty and still in prod. 

From all work and analysis, dimm slot B3 is not working idraq reports bad dimm, rotate dimm, still same issue with B3.

If they purchased, the same model refurbed, how hard would it be move over drives that are raid and re-establish preserving data?

This is not something I have even tried and ever thought about. So, asking the community.

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It's relatively not as hard. If it's a same model, all you need is to move the RAID controller and hard drives. Make sure the server is completely off after you have initiated shutdown from OS. Make sure all drives are moved to the same slot# from the faulty server. If you encounter foreign configuration during POST, just import foreign (make sure there is no foreign drives other than from the original faulty server).

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