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R730 VLT0204 system board voltage is outside range


Dell R730 SFF

                64 GB

                Dual Xeon

                8 x SAS 600GB 15K drives

                PERC card in IT mode

                1 x 2TB 3.5” SATA boot drive mounted on a MAIWO KT048 PCIE 3.0 Converter board

                1 x CDROM R/W drive

                2 x Platinum 750W power supplies and 2 x Platinum 1100W power supplies


BIOS: 2.15.0

Firmware :

Lifecycle Firmware :



System will not power on. Front display sometimes flickers amber then back to blue.

Error message is

“VLTO204 System board power is outside of range”

In minimal config (CPU1, DIMM in A1, Riser 2 and 3 in)


riser 1 out

CPU2 out

DIMM,s A2, B1, B2 out

NIC out

PERC card out

Drives out

Backplane disconnected

CDROM disconnected


IDRAC is accessible

System Log  and Lifecycle Log both show

                “VLT0204 The system board DIMM PG voltage is outside of range.”


There are 6 LED’s on the rear right side of the Mainboard

On power on LED’s 0 and 1 flash on for about 1 second then 0 and 6 begin flashing at about a 1 second rate.

Also if the NIC is in the green NIC LED’s start flashing in unison at about a 1 second rate

                Fan 4 is the only fan running on power on.

Pulling both power leads and both power supplies. Waiting till all activity lights go out then re-inserting them sometimes fix’s the problem. Once running the doesn’t seem to be an issue until the next shutdown.



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With the BIOS and iDrac up to date I would start with draining the power by;

1- switch OFF the server
2- remove both power supply cables
3- press and hold the power button for 30 seconds

4 - Open the cover of the server and then swap the dimm you stated in the error with another matching in the server, also swap the power supplies as well.

5- connect back the power cables and wait 2 minutes, then power ON the server

6- get into BIOS, select iDrac settings, go to system logs and clear all the previous logs


Now if the error changes location on the dimm error, to where you swapped the dimm to, then the issue is likely with the specific dimm. 

Same with the power supply.


Let me know what you see.



Chris Hawk
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Thanks for the reply Chris

The only thing I haven't done on your list so far is clear the logs.

Pretty much come to the conclusion that the mainboard is dead.

The system will no longer boot although the IDrac is still accessible.



Hi @Agnemon,


Yeah, it sounds like the mainboard is faulty. Have you tried removing all the components except the below in list and try to turn on the server.


- System board
- One power supply unit
- One processor (CPU) in socket CPU1
- One memory module (DIMM) installed in socket A1
- Left control panel (for power button functionality)
- One backplane card


If this fails, you can conclude that the mainboard has failed and need to be replaced.

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Dell Technologies | Enterprise Support Services

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