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VCV6T Controller Cable?


I'm building a R750 2.5' 8 Bay, with a VCV6T H355 Controller. I was wondering what cable I need for the motherboard connection with it. I'm aware 61F98 cable is for the 3.5' backplane but does not appear to be the correct cable for a 2.5' Backplane, Any advice on the correct cable?

Many Thanks 

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Do you need cable details for PowerEdge R750 or PowerEdge R250/R350? 61F98 is part number for PERC cable in PowerEdge R250/R350

Can you also share the backplane details like part number and how many drives it support?

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Its an 8 Bay Backplane P/N - YD2C2 and motherboard P/N - 6V45N. 

And its an R750 

Struggling to find the correct cable for the Controller to the motherboard, not sure if its possible, had a look at the cabling guide and cannot find any for a rear Pci controller 


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