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Wake on lan R710?

Hello, I am trying to enable wake on lan on my old poweredge R710. I see the option in bios, and I have done all of the steps that I could find in windows, however when I try to send the magic packet, it doesn't work. It says it has been successfully sent and I can see it in wireshark, but the server remains off. It is running windows 10 Home. Does anyone know how I can fix this?



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You can also use iDRAC to perform power action remotely. Once configured you can use iDRAC GUI or racadm/ipmitool to perform power action on the server

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Sorry, I should've mentioned this. I forgot the password to my idrac card. I have another post asking about that, but for now I am wondering if there is a way to do this without idrac.



what is a version of bios setup was installed?

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