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Infrastructure for SAP HANA

Hello Everyone,

IHAC that is planning to move to SAP HANA Landscape soon for their upcoming business and they are in discussion with us for an optimised IT Infrastructure solution specifically for this SAP workload. My challenge here is Fujitsu has already proposed their PRIMEFLEX Integrated System that is powered by FLEXFRAME Orchestrator and we are competing against it. FLEXFRAME is just an open management platform that enables the centralised management of SAP HANA and to me, it just sounds like another vCenter.

But Fujitsu has convinced the customer that it can do an end-to-end management of the SAP applications as well, even the V2P and P2V movement of applications and now the customer expects us also to provide a similar solution that is application oriented.

From the Infrastructure perspective, I am planning to position the VCE Specialised VBlock for SAP HANA but I am worried that we cannot claim for the features like complete application management and mobility from P2V and vice versa. In my understanding,

automatic movement of SAP applications from physical to virtual or vice versa is not possible while the DB machines can do.

But I am not sure how Fujitsu claims that they can do this and convinced the customer. With VCE I am sure you still need the SAP Management software to be hosted  in order to manage the App layer.

Has anyone experienced the similar situation with your customers or have competed with FLEXFRAME while positioning something for SAP HANA? Any valuable information/thoughts are highly appreciated as I am really looking to win this opportunity.


Sujith Kumar

Infrastructure Pre-Sales Solutions Architect

Salam Technology


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