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Network design for SAP HANA Scale-Up Cluster with System Replication using the RHEL HA pacemaker

Hi Experts,

We are building Automated SAP HANA Scale-Up Cluster  on Dell Appliance with System Replication using the RHEL HA pacemaker Cluster .

Network Segmentation are below to keep best secure design .

  1. Client Network VIP ( application , HANA Studio) ( Vlan 1).

  2. Heart beat Network (( Vlan 2)

  3. IPMI LAN ( Fencing) ( Vlan 3)

  4. Backup ( OS/HANA Backup ) ( Vlan 4)

  5. HANA Replication ( Traffic) ( Vlan 5)

  6. Admin /HANA OS management for Patching and all. ( Vlan 6)

Kindly suggest if that design can be maintain for security and performance perspective . let suggest if any one had working experience on similar kind of setup to maintain the security , compliance and performance checks.

Thanks in Advance

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