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Heartbeat connection Failure

I have the latest version of Dell SCG. it says "Heartbeat connection status" disconnected. what exactly it is. how to solve it.

What kind of access is required to solve this.

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The user Guide has some datails on thi: " Network resources—displays the number of connected and disconnected Enterprise servers, heartbeat connection status,
and the configuration status of your SMTP server and Policy Manager. To test the heartbeat connection status through port
443 and verify the connectivity to the Enterprise servers, click Test connection.
NOTE: By default, secure connect gateway verifies the heartbeat status every 24 hours." 


If the explanation is not sufficient, you can provide feedback by opening the document in <document> and then click on " View page" 



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What exactly is the heartbeat checking into?  I have 1 SCG that works and another in a different data center that does not.  Each is separate and used to manage the SAN in each location.  They have the same network and internet rules allowing outside access.  Is the heartbeat talking to Dell on the internet or the SAN internally because we so Zero blocks but it still doesn't connect?  All other test work and the SAN itself added to the SCG with no issues.

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