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Network Connections and Services services as (!) but 443/8443 works, ping blocked by Dell

We upgraded from SRS to SCG and it broadly works - our Isilon nodes are seen in SCG.

But the page Connectivity / Network connections and services shows both Enterprise Servers as having an exclamation mark against ping and ports 443 and 8443.  Same under Global Access Servers for every one of them.   So our status shows 'Not connected' but it seems outside our control.

We've tested the communication using Nmap from the VR and we can reach every one of them on ports 443 and 8443.  We can't ping them; so we tested pinging something else external and that is fine - so it appears to be the Enterprise Servers and Global Access Servers that are not responding to ICMP ping.  I get the same if I ping from my home PC - no response.

The Heartbeat Connection Status is green, which says that it uses port 443.

Does this work for others?  Have we missed something?

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Hi, As I can understand, it seems that the problem with the ICMP ping is probably due to it being blocked by Dell as you mentioned. This may have been applied for network security, as ICMP is often used for network diagnostics and may be vulnerable to certain types of attacks. Although I did not come across a case about this, maybe a working is being done. I came across these two articles that I thought maybe it would be relevant.


If you have any further concerns, you may want to reach out to your local tech support for further assistance. 




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