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Dell Inspirion 7506 2in1 Crashes Frequently / Blue Screen of Death


Please point me to the right direction or help resolve the issue with my new Inspirion 7506 2in1 laptop, that's crashing frequently giving the Blue Screen of Death error. 

Conditions that most frequently resulted in such a crash: 

- Sleep mode or Hibernation mode (both) - when I open the laptop in the morning I often see that it had crashed overnight or it crashes momentarily upon going live from sleep or hibernation (I tried both modes - recently changed the default behavior upon closing the lid to hibernate )

- When skype screen share is activated or skype video call is initiated

- Zoom meeting in progress

- Browsing through websites 

- Working with documents in MS word

- Launching Photoshop 


There's probably no pattern to it .. it just crashes randomly 


Whenever it crashes it asks to run a scan (that's 39 minutes long). I ran the scan multiple times and it never found any hardware problems. Today I tried using the SupportAssist to scan specific parts of the laptop (vs run a general scan for the entire thing ) and it showed a WARNING for one of the parts. This part: 


There's no explanation or details about that warning anywhere in the Support Assist tool. All the other parts show the "Passed" status. 

- I called Dell and they say that my problem is not hardware related and that I need to schedule a call with the software team, for which i have to pay $99 (!!!???) Why I'm required to pay for troubleshooting the faulty software that came pre-installed with the laptop is a mystery to me..

The laptop crashed like that from day one of the purchase - I didn't have a chance to return it to the store (BestBuy) within the first 2 weeks + I thought that updating the drivers would fix it (since there were no problems with the hardware according to the tests) but it didn't fix it - with all the critical drivers being up-to-date it still crashes all the time. 

Please let me know what I can do in this situation? Can I return/exchange the laptop with Dell? I bought it at BestBuy (didn't buy protection or anything.. )


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Hi - Unfortunately I have no solution, I just want to register a similar experience - my Inspiron 7306 occasionally crashes without warning, usually BSOD, sometimes restarting and just today freezing completely, not responding to the power button until it was held down for almost a minute.

The Event log does not provide any clues, and I've run both the 40 minute memory check and the quicker 4 minute one, neither reported any hardware issues.

It's frustrating, though for me it's less frequent - on average once a week. But I haven't seen this behaviour on any previous Dell laptops and am disappointed with seeing it in such an expensive one.

I can't see any pattern with any specific software causing these crashes.

BTW I don't know if it's related, but I have experienced problems with a specific special-purpose audio software that I use (Steinberg Cubase), requiring me to manually reset the machine to ensure no other software is running. I have used this software for many years on various desktops and Dell laptops and though I realise laptops are not intended for this purpose this is the first one I've had where it is necessary to reboot before running it. Could there be a problem with the memory hardware configuration that is not showing up in the self-test?


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I have similar problems. I've had my 7506 since March and have fought the blue screen and other shutdowns often. The majority of my problems come when using autocad or other graphic heavy applications. I'm close to junking this thing and getting a new machine.

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Hi, a workaround is to disable "Intel XE MAX" graphics adapter in windows device manager. It seems to stop the bluescreens for most people. It's a problem on several (all?) laptops with INTEL XE MAX graphics adapters. HP, ASUS and Dell have been reported issues with this.
If you disable XE Max, you'll probably notice some performance loss in gaming and perhaps in CAD / heavy graphic rendering work. But certainly for most 'Office' type work you wouldn't notice the difference (except the lack of bluescreens!)

Here's one (of many) reddit threads about this issue:

Inspiron 7506 2n1: persistent issues with Windows 10 : Dell (

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Has Dell found a solution to this yet? I only use my 7506 occasionally in the evening, but tend to put it to sleep with work open that I haven't managed to sort out. Nearly every time I open the lid it blue screens and reboots! ....bu appears to be Kmode  exception, so I'm trying this workaround, which turns off Fast Startup:

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Maybe a proper fix here... -
I've noticed that Dell are only updating the Iris XE driver - NOT the Iris XE MAX driver!!!
It's been the same driver since December 2020...!
I suspect this is because Intel renamed the driver for the XE Max to DCH driver or something. They still list the MAX driver but it's the same old December 2020 one!
HERE is the current driver that is for the XE MAX series GPU. I've installed it a couple of weeks ago and so far NO BLUE SCREEN!!! Also fans are running less. Overall it seems a happier laptop.
Here's hoping this is what was wrong all along! I.e. Dell only updating the XE bit and not the MAX bit...!

Did you delete the XE and XE Max drivers and then install the new Intel drivers, or can I just install them overtop of the existing drivers?  

Hi, I didn’t uninstall the dell drivers, I updated the drivers to the latest dell ones, re-enabled the xe max in device manager, hoped it wouldn’t crash during update, then just installed the intel ones over the top.

Hi neakmenter, that link seems to go to the Intel Iris XE non-MAX drivers, which would disable the MAX part, wouldn't it? I have found there is a BETA version of the MAX drivers on Intel's website though, so maybe this will sort it. Seems to have been updated recently though 8/20/2021

Has anyone else tried this?

Thanks for this post. Bought this to replace a Dell win 7 system upgraded to win 10. Shows you how good Dells products are. I too am waiting to see if there is any progress on this issue. Can't believe this model 7506 2n1 has had this problem for so long. If no definitive solution is found soon, I will return for a refund. I've never had a serious issue with Dell products in the past. 

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