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Error Code 2000-0156


I have a Dell Inspiron 14-3452 that, whenever I switch it on, I immediately get directed to a Dell SupportAssist screen that says "Your system seems to be having trouble starting. Dell SupportAssist is scanning your hardware for a possible cause." After a few minutes of scanning I get:

Dell SupportAssist has detected a failing component on your system that requires immediate attention.
Service tag: <Service tag removed>
Error Code: 2000-0156
Validation: 99649
eMMC Drive - Short eMMC read test unsuccessful.

I'll leave this information here too in case it is relevant:
System BIOS: 4.3.0
ePSA: Build 4302.10 UEFI ROM
My warranty is expired

If anyone could help me it would be greatly appreciated


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did you every get an answer? were you able to recovery your files?


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