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Long Lag spikes and other strange issues

So ever since I got this laptop (think it's been 3 or 2 years now?) I've had random lag spikes on the games I play. Now I wouldn't be complaining and making this if it were just small lag spikes. The lag spikes lasted for a WHILE. It all depended on the game I played.  For example. If I'm playing Roblox if I'm playing a certain game I will have lag spikes on it. If I'm playing a low-quality game, there is a chance I won't have lag spikes. Just a very low one. And if I do have lag spikes, they last for about 15 seconds. That's the shortest it goes. The only times I don't have lag spikes when I'm playing any type of game, not just Roblox is when they either have POOR quality or have the low graphics button that reduces the graphics on a game by a lot. I always have my graphics options on every game I play on the lowest it can be to reduce the chances of having a lag spike or just reducing how long it is. The longest a lag spike has been was over 2 mins. At first, it was only certain games that had lag spikes. Then the more I played a game, the more I would lag and lag and lag to the point where I had lag spikes. Be aware I'm not sure if I can describe this as a "lag spike". My laptop just randomly freezes (sometimes the application says not responding) and starts to continue and stop for a second, as if it were slowing down time for a while. I described it as a lag spike but many see it and say it can't be it. I've reset my laptop countless times, checked my settings updated my computer to the best I can get, but nothing seems to work. Another strange thing my laptop seems to emit HOT and I mean HOT radiation or gas from it. I would say it's overheating but I would leave it for a while (even left it for a day) turn it on and it would still be hot. This hasn't affected my device in any way but I thought I should say it in case it is a problem. And lastly when I go on to update my device and download it. It works perfectly and then it restarts my laptop. But then if I go back to that page, it asks me to update it again. The very same update I just did I don't understand why it does this and why it won't update my laptop but, again this doesn't do anything to my laptop. I just thought I should point it out. Lastly, switching back to my Lag spike problem, It seems whenever I put it on something hard (a desk more specifically) The chances of me having a lag spike on certain games are low for some reason. I hardly ever have lag spikes when it's on something hard. And then when it's on LITERALLY anything it has lag spikes a lot... For example, if I put my laptop on a desk and put a wooden board or something hard on top of the desk then put my laptop on it, I always have lag spikes. It's extremely strange and weird but it's easy to avoid. However, when I put my laptop on something soft a bed or furniture, it always has lag spikes but this time it's extreme. It could stay like that for about 5 mins before stopping. So I never try that. I think I've told you everything wrong and the issues I currently have with this device. If I missed something anyone knows of please tell me and if anyone knows what's wrong or any type of solution or help, PLEASE tell me. It would be appreciated. Thank you.

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