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dell error code 0F00:0244 uncorrectable data error or media is write protected

I ran diagnostics on my computer after having some weird things take place.  My main problem was the "Unmountable Boot Volume" but the errors that popped up after I ran diagnostics were: error code 0F00:0244 uncorrectable data error or media is write protected. There were two of these errors.   I also have some files that I have repeatedly tried to delete but will not saying they are being used by another program (which they are least not that I am aware of).  I have backed up everything on an external hard drive but need advice on what I need to do next.  I believe (from searching other forums) that I need to replace my hard drive. 

Can I simply buy one from Dell and install myself (I know very little about the hardware of a computer)? 

Will that fix my "Unmountable Boot Volume"? 

What caused these errors so I know what NOT to do the next time?

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Nothing you did caused the hard drive to fail, which is what happened.  The drive needs to be replaced - what model system do you have?


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I have the Inspiron E1505 and have ordered a new hard drive through Dell for it.  How long is the life expectancy for a hard drive?  I have found instructions on how to replace but any other advice on the process of how to replace and the steps to re-installing Windows XP would be greatly appreciated.  I also need to physically clean my computer...I have a cat that sheds quite a bit and I know the inside of the computer is probably full.  Any advice/tips on that would also be helpful. 


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Hard drives are designed for a five-year lifespan, but that's a design target - they'll run a lot less time in a system that's overheating, and they'll fail much more quickly if the system is subject to drops, bumps, or vibration.

You will need a Dell Windows CD to do the reload - if you don't have one:

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I have more questions for you since you are so knowlegable.  I installed my new hard drive.  I installed Windows XP.  I then installed the Dell drivers.  When the system tried to recognize my computer, it said it was an Inspiron ME051 and not my Inspiron E1505.  That was my first concern but I continued to install the Dell drivers.  I started with Chipset.  Then I tried the video adapter driver.  It popped up "One or more files is missing or corrupt setup will exit"  I continued on with the network interface adapter and then the sound adapter.  I haven't done anything else because I am not sure what else I need to do.  I have the drivers and utilities I need to download anything else?  I know I don't have the "SONIC" program that I use to burn CD's and DVD's.  Where is that stuff located? 

Also, my page doesn't look the same.  I don't know if it has anything to do with my video card or not.  It is not as bright, maybe?  When I ran diagnostics on the original hard drive, it didn't say anything about a video card being corrupt.  This computer is not even 2 years old so I can't imagine what would have happened.  I do photographer and need good color for editing pictures. 

Thanks for all the info.  I am grateful that I have gotten this far but discouraged that I don't know enough to fix everything.

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Great thread.  Thanks for the information.  My issues is slightly different, I was wondering if the answer could possible be the same - buy a new hard drive.

When going though my Mom's stuff, we found a brand new Dell Dimension 2400, still unopened in the box.  Long story short, apparently she bought it just before my brother gave her a laptop, so she apparently never opened or returned the desktop.  If you would have known my Mom, this would sound perfectly normal....

In any case, my nephew needs a new computer, so we decided to set it up for him.  But, I'm getting this same message.  Is it possible that a new, never opened, computer would need the hard disk replaced?




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