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SelfDiagnosis throws some errors - how to resolve?

Managed to install SupportAssist on one pc. Executed SelfDiagnosis and it lists two problems:

SD5002 - Configuration: Unreachable.

SD9304 - CentralResourceManager: Unreachable.

There's no explanation in the manuals (or the internet) on how to resolve possible problems? What to do?

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As long as those problems aren't solved, I won't be able to manage my pc's - there's nothing on the Manage Enterprise Assets page...

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No updates? Really? @Simon Weel  please let me know if you sorted this, I'm having the same issue, get this again and again, randomly a lot of the time. It does tend to work eventually.

Well, the 'update' is I gave up. Seemed a nice solution. Looks like there ain't much users of this?

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Had the very same problem today on 5 x DELLs. 2 of them sorted themselves after some time and a reboot or several. The other 3 are still in situ. There has to be someone from DELL on this forum monitoring? It's a great tool if only it worked!

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First, create a custom deployment package and "Use default preferences". After starting "SupportAssistExtractorx64.exe", don't choose a specific group (leave it empty).Then enroll the .exe/.msi to one device and after that, the Dell TechDirect "Connect and manage PCs" environment will be created. After that, you can choose your own custom settings and groups (create them first in TechDirect).

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